Stove Grilled Hot Dogs

Stove Grilled Hot Dogs

Check out this amazing recipe using Worcester sauce for grilling hot dogs!

Grilled hotdogs with Worscester Sauce

Learn how to create amazing grilled hotdogs using Worcester sauce. This whole process takes less than five minutes for a great flavor-full meal.

It’s hard to believe that Worcester or ‘Worcestershire’ sauce and hotdogs would go together, but when you try this crazy simple recipe you will be amazed!

Step 1: Liighly soak your hotdog(s) with some Worcester sauce.

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Optional (for extra flavor – split the hotdog(s) in half before adding Worcester sauce.

Add Worcester Sauce to Split Hotdog

Step 2: Add to grill or sauce pan until hotdogs are slightly charred brown.

Now, I must admit, that it’s fun to grill the hotdogs on grill skillet that you can place directly on your stove top!

Use indoor Grilling Plate to cook hotdogs

On various occasions it’s always fun to actually grill hotdogs and kick back the American way. This hack gives you a way to do this indoors if the weather is bad or just do it when you’re in a rush and need something tasty to eat quickly. I recommend the all beef hotdogs because I feel that it’s a healthier choice.